Anxious again

Hi guys , I just wanted a bit of advice,  I started my anti depressants 3 weeks ago now and they starting to work , but today I feel really anxious and I'm worried that the tablets are not working now , although the doctor did say that it can take 6weeks to get into my system and that I will have bad days . Can anyone help 


Thank you Jane for answering me ,yep I will give them time just hate feeling scared. These tablets are beginning to work though just an off day I suppose.

I'll second that - 6 weeks. They do work and it's worth waiting :)

Dear Carlene

Stroke recovery is slow. Keep a diary so you can see just what progress you are making. Recovery is noted for having good days and bad days. Your brain is working away trying to set things straight and hasnt got time for how you might feel. But it will get there and you will get a lot lot better. But its not days nor even weeks. Its months and even years.

So please consider this alongside a few weeks whilst your antidepressants kick in.

They will take many weeks to "titrate" in to your system. So help them along as much as you can, by being as laid back asyou can muster and as positive as you can be. Please smile endlessly. The effect of smiling is totally amazing, You dont even need a natural smile. Forced, fake or whatever, Any smile will do. Please try it.

Best wishes


Aw thank you so much , I'm sending you a smile x

What are the best antidepressant to get for this anxiousness and sleeplessness as my doctor gave me Mirtazipine and I'm not getting on with the side effects, I'm ringing my doctor next week to change these, so does anyone know the ones I should ask for.....

Thankyou Jane, that is really helpful

How are you?

I'll let you know.

When did you have your stroke?

I had mine four weeks ago, physically I'm fine, but mentally it has me in his grip, I'm very emotional, and suffering with such tiredness and fatigue, and exhausted all the time, I've never been a depressive or anxious person so this is all new to me and so frightening.

Thank you Jane,

it really helps reading other people's experiences, it doesn't make me feel so isolated.

I dont like any antidepressants they dont work for at least 3 weeks   my doctor gave me   prevagablin I only take one at night and I find it really helps me   I hope if you can have them you will feel better  Norma 81 yrs young  all the best