Anxious about flying to the states

I Haven’t flown to the States since August 2018, pandemic of course, but then February last year, 4 days before my flight I had a mild stroke, caused by Aterial Fibrillation. Only taking Apixaban as blood thinner and Exetimibe for cholesterol, but have Solotol as ‘pill in my pocket’ type thing, if needed. I travel alone too.

My Son lives over there and it is Grandsons birthday coming up in March. I know I have to do it otherwise I will never go. Journey is London to Newark, Newark to Norfolk, 17hrs normally door to door. I know I will be tired, that’s the norm for me these days after a big day out

Has any one encountered any problems with presurised cabins. I asked GP for advice and the response - was check with your ariline!

Thanks for reading

I haven’t flown long haul but have done 2 shorthaul flights since my stroke. I never encountered any problems with the cabin pressure. The worst thing I found was the aircraft noise. You can get earplugs to help with that. I was also advised to move about a bit. I was fatigued when i got there but just rested up for couple days. I was glad that i went.

It’ll be great for you to see your son & grandkids.

Have a lovely time.

Ann xx

Talk to the airline about needing support for the flight. They are supportive. Boarding 1st, extra checking your ok & hydrated during the flight, waiting till clamour to get off has died down, and helping with luggage may all be things offered. Maybe lounge access to. Worth asking

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Hi Sarah, I haven’t flown long haul since my stroke but have done short haul (mostly domestic).Ive never had any issue but do request special assistance to help me get from the check in to the gate! For me specifically its the busyness and lighting in the airport that is the issue!

Hi @SarahG - I was due to travel to South Africa four years ago but had my stroke a month prior and obviously couldn’t go. By the time I’d recovered we were into Covid times and kept rebooking the holiday. Last year we were all set to go but my partner was ill and we had to cancel again. However, two weeks today I’ll be jetting off to South Africa on the long awaited holiday!
I’m a bit apprehensive about the 11+ hour flight but determined to do it. I’m travelling alone as my partner doesn’t want to do long haul again, so I’ll be relying on myself for everything. I have flown short haul since my stroke though and didn’t have any problems.
I think the advice to seek airport assistance is spot on, anything you can do to ease the journey will be helpful. Hope it works out for you and you enjoy your time with your family.
Best wishes

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I haven’t had any problem with pressurised cabins. It’s the boredom that gets me. I travel alone too. I’m in Mauritius at the moment (12 hr flight). I paid for extra legroom, I downloaded some audiobooks, watched some movies and slept a bit. I couldn’t make the journey without special assistance, but everyone is very helpful.
Make your journey and have a lovely time!

sounds very ‘jet-set’ lifestyle !
Enjoy :slight_smile:

The pile of washing sitting in the utility room isn’t very ‘jet-set’!

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The pile of washing won’t take away the memories of your trip to Mauritious, hope you had a lovely time. Feeling confident from the support of everyone here, I plucked up the courage and booked my flight -28th March off I go. Yesaterday enjoying time out with a girlfriend, had a damn AF episode, didn’t have my emergency meds with me, as I haven’t needed them - stupid I know. Hopefully it won’t mess everything up.

That’s brilliant! I’m sure you’ll have a great time and the bonus is, if you’re staying with your son you can do your washing before you come home!

@SarahG yay…have a fab time with your son.

Hope your AF episode was a one off & all will be fine for your trip. Even if you feel fine try & remember to take your emergency meds everywhere with you. Sods law says you’ll need them the one time you haven’t got them.

Take care. Ann xx