Morning all ,just like to say part of our recovery from the stroke is our anxiety that we have ,I have been seeing a phycologist every 2 weeks ,which has been really helpful ,everyone is entitled to it just guess we arnt always offered services unless we request ,so if people are really suffering it might be helpful to you to enquire ...hope this post helps xpippy 

I got referred to mind matters by the OT. I think you can get a referral through your GP or you can  refer yourself on the NHS mind matters page.

I have had an assessment and they have recommended CBT but as you can imagine there is a few weeks waiting list!

I was referred by the stroke team and was so quick well this was my 3rd time and it's every 2 weeks for a hour and it's only 7weeks since my stroke ..have you asked to see stroke phycologist I'm sure it will be quicker ..pippy ..

No. But I must admit as the time goes on my anxiety is ok. I have been matched through the stroke association with a telephone volunteer who is of a similar age and has had a stroke.

We speak once a week, I can talk through any think that is worrying me, or about anything! I've had a couple of weeks of this and it's going well. It's nice to talk to someone who is a SS and is back to work and doing well a few years after a stroke. It last for 12 weeks


That's really good and encouraging I haven't heard of that it's so good to have other ideas that can help one ...brilliant idea ..pippy ..

interesting posts thanks

Morning hope it helps in some way ...pippy ...