Anurysm has got bigger

Hi all had a burst anurysm in 2021 and had it coiled but unfortunately there is blood flow still going to it when it should have clotted. After the MRI monitoring scan it’s now got bigger. I have appointment for Wednesday with consultant to discuss. Really scared about what they may say, there was mention of surgery again but said it’s not without risks. I can’t believe this has happened and, I just want to be ok. Has anyone had treatment twice and can say something positive to me to help how I feel thank you x


Hi @Elle1, I have no experience of this, I just want to wish you well and good luck for Wednesday :people_hugging:

I know the waiting and not knowing is hard but try and keep yourself calm, easier said than done I know. But you need to keep your blood pressure down and distraction from your thoughts of Wednesday can only help. Any time you find thoughts of it encroaching, do something different to distract yourself and take your mind of it again; play your favourite music as you do some house work, go for a walk/window shopping, phone a friend, keep as active as you can, whatever it takes to keep your mind off it for the time being.
I wish you nothing but the best of outcomes :smile:


Thankyou so much really appreciate your kind words x


I hope you will take someone with you when you see the consultant. I know my stroke brain goes a little blank when I have to take in too many details in a short space of time. So it helps to recall everything said later, nothing is missed and they might think of a question you’ve not thought of or forgotten to ask. And that in turn also helps to keep the blood pressure down :wink:


Hi just wanted to say hope Wednesday goes well for you and that you get some answers.

Regards Sue


Obviously it’s being monitored as your meds team know it’s development & the treatments.
What ever risk you have must be lower due to the involvement & any intervention :slight_smile:

The NHS is still good at acute medicine

Best wishes for your appointment

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Just want to say good luck for your appointment on Weds. Hopefully they will go through everything with you. It’s natural to worry but at least you are being monitored. I can never decide if knowing is a good thing or not.

Best of luck.

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