Another birthday over

The Curtain closed on my 58th year, the age of my stroke and now begins a new chapter in what will be my 59th year, hoping it will see positive progress and less pain.

The good people I have interacted with on thi forum have made it all that much better to bear and a feeling you are not on your own.

I will draft my stroke annual update in January but for now happy new year to one and all keep safe and keep on going we will all reach our happy place together one day soon.


Hope you had a good birthday & here’s to the next 12 months being better than the last 12.

Look forward to reading your update in the new year.

Happy new year.

Ann x

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Thanks Ann Happy New year to you,

A low key day with family but a good one.

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Thanks Jane I’m always hopeful funny how in all my dreams I’m fully recovered and as if untouched by disability. My psychic friend say this is because my current state is not my future nor is it permanent, I hold on to that to help my determination


Count on it Lorraine, thanks for the encouragement

Yes keeps me sane and inspires me to me new self , party planning is in the back of my mind for when I reach my goal of independence and mobility

A very happy birthday to you!!!

Onwards forwards and upwards

Cheers and lets all join our thoughts together to demand a better 2023 for all that are in recovery mode.

All the very best


Ah congratulations we are all like the king now we get to have 2 birthdays