Anonymized postings

We occasionally get community members realising the extent to which they are exposed to the internet’s search engines when having posted their needs, emotions and vulnerabilities.

The Stroke Association say this is because more people visit when they do not have to log in.

Discourse provides a facility to allow anonymized postings but it is not enabled.


I wondered what your thoughts are?

And … We’ve lost some very good contributions because the authors deleted their account and all posts made by it.
Discourse also provides the means to delete an account and retain the posts under anonymized accounts
I find it strange that while we’re active we can’t anonymize in order that we are a magnet to attract other potential donors of empathy support and knowledge while when we choose to be leave rather than anonymized our contributions to the reputational value of this site instead it is all deleted.

I suggest some discussion could devise modus operandi that was better reflective of benefit possibly even mutual benefit…



I can appreciate both side to the argument of having the site exposed to the internet and that is why they advise you use a fictitious name rather than your own. It means people like me could at least seek answers to allay some of our fears post stroke, without the need to create an account, which was impossible for me that first year post stroke. It was a huge comfort to me, relieving a lot of needless stress and distress during the lockdowns, when there was very little help to be had anyway…and that hasn’t improved much for many since the lockdowns were lifted.

But I do agree there should be some warning sign, at the top of the home page, to notify people of this.


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