Almost a draw...duvet day again

Like many SS, I will do certain tasks by myself and refuse all help. Today the duvet and its cover were both unco-operative. The cover kept failing to disclose where its ends were and the cover attempted to double cross me, literally. So it took 30 minutes, 10 more than last time, but at least I did not swear.

The other fetish I have is bending to pick up the least scarp of paper from the floor. I do have a dust pan and brush with long handles, but my weak hand is not too good for holding the dustpan and my good hand is lousy at sweeping. That does lead to the most awful swearing as I chase crumbs and dust across the kitchen floor.

On the plus side, I now open most packaging with a pair of scissors as the wonky hand has limited capacity to grip and rip. My food processor is a great godsend, as is my electric hand mixer. This week produced a pretty good coffee and walnut sponge and home made burgers.

As for progress, I do feel my FES machine has retrained my drop foot to lift again, so I am trying a little outside walking without the machine on. So far, so good. Like many of you, I have learnt that progress is painfully slow, but it still happens. I cannot, however, wrap Christmas presents and the fatigue will not go away. Nearly three years though and I’m still standing!

LWell done for not letting the duvet get the better of you. We tackle ours together but it is super king size.

I told John about your FES machine and the jury is out. We’ve looked at them online. However, he was delighted with his own progress whilst we’ve been away. He used a rambler stick to alert people to his slow mobility especially when we were in overcrowded areas in Cordoba. When crowds (usually Japanese tourists) surged past he stood stock still. However, his gait has improved a lot and he walks further before tiredness sets in and he starts to drag his left leg. Hey ho, I say, time for a coffee stop. Now we’re home again, we’ll need to sort out his exercise regime. ???‍♀️?‍♀️Next week I’ll take him to the driving range. ?️‍♂️?️‍♂️


John you are amazing - I love your determination, and always look forward to your posts ? Very good luck with the walking - it's the unexpected uneven surfaces that are always a worry.  

Present wrapping is never easy, how about the gift bags instead, no wrapping required! I'm very lazy and buy a great big sack and just throw everything in as a Christmas lucky dip - never had any complaints so far!!  

Have a good evening, enjoy your burgers x

I love to hear of your saga with the duvet cover and would love to pass on a tip I was given years ago. You have to fit the duvet into the cover and secure it at the top  with clothes pegs (the ones that clip on with little springs). Then you match up the bottom edge, the open end, and shake the duvet and the cover together and ‘walla’ the cover is on. I know it won’t be as much fun as your way but you’ll always win.


Hi Ann - one of my brothers uses this method to change the duvet, but I can't master the technique, I put it down to the fact that he has bigger, stronger wrists and hands than me, but I have used pegs to keep the top end in place whilst wrestling with the lower end!  There's probably loads of duvet-related videos on YouTube - a technique for all abilities!!  ?  All SS have different strengths & weaknesses relating to co-ordination etc  so finding the right method is tricky - maybe just get your partner to do it instead!  

I’d love to but I’m afraid my hubby would have the same trouble John has, it’s easier to do it myself although he does help if he’s around. To think duvets were meant to make your life easier.  

It’s really cold here today so I was thinking it’s time for the winter quilt soon. ?

Hope you are ok


We recently had a short holiday in Brugge - the bed in our hotel was mahoosive - so large it had 2 double sized duvets!!  I felt really sorry for the lady who changed the bedding every day, she was quite small so goodness knows how she managed all those duvets every day.  (I left her a good tip - I should have asked her what her secret method was !! 

Dear both. I cannot do the peg method, so do it the only way I know. It is a task I steel myself up for. Cooking, I find easy, but hoovering is difficult. For some strange reason, I can get in and out of a bath using the technique for getting up from a fall. I do not do this when all alone, just in case. The bath is low with side grips. I get in, turn slowly and holding the handles, Inslide myself in. It is a bit like a boat launch only, at my age, less attractive. To get up, I turn sideways, get on my knees, put my strong leg forward and push up. I assure you, I Looking nothing like atom Hardy as I rise from the deep, more like a Laurel and Hardy!

I bet she used clothes pegs lol, can you imagine the effort to get a cover on in every bedroom in the hotel.



Some days you may have multiple achievements - "duvet day" should be a single achievement day, once the task is done you get the remainder of the day off for good behaviour - enjoy!! ? ?

Yes, that really blew my mind, also she seemed to be the only person doing the job, I only ever saw her, no other team members!  I'm kicking myself now for not asking how she did it - d'oh!

Didn’t think you would have bother with the pegs John sorry.

I now have an image of you launching yourself Into the bath and the water going everywhere, thank goodness you don’t do it when you are on your own it could end up nasty. 


We really look forward to your escapades John. My husband claims to be a technology dinosaur but insists on listening to the chat. I giggle, he raises his eyebrows, I respond verbally. Man of few words and movements lol! Thank you for keeping us happy ? 

Yeah, but can he change a duvet in 20 minutes!!

Ha ha! No way! But he can cook/bake, hassle me, pour drinks slurp ?, tell me what to do when I’m driving ? and generally be gorgeous! Ha ha! 

Dear John

You brighten up the forum no end.

I have blankets and a quilt and so no duvet wrestling. However I also have a Hypnos bed. Very firm and a fine mattress, but far too heavy for me post stroke. When choosing the bed I never even thought about the weight of the mattress.  I have a very nice pocket sprung mattress in the spare room and its comfy and so much easier to make the bed. As for turning the mattress, thats really fun and games.

On reflection its not quite true, I do have many duvets but not on the beds. 

I use one at my group relax therapy classes. Being difficult I call it my doveit. Amused when the therapist referred to a dove it part way through the session. Fame at last. 




Don't think even a stroke is going to change a habit of a life time with my dad!!! Changing bedding has never been on dad's radar ?

P'raps he'll try nailing jelly to a wall instead!! 

Dear Karen

Whats our mantra ? Its a new Dad and not the old one. So dont assume he will revert to his old self. I havent and I do all sorts of things that I didnt do pre stroke. Make my bed is one of them. Change my sheets another. Make endless tea and coffee. Do a small voluntary job for the church. Biggest thing is that I look after my dear little cat. Never had pets before. 


Fingers crossed Colin as mum is very tired!!! Just home from seeing him he was very tired tonight pushing himself. He did have a afternoon kip after I told him on the phone at lunch to have one so that's a positive x