Advice Needed


It definitely isn’t selfish.

You have a marathon to run. In six or 12 months you’ll be glad that you saved your energies when you could because you will definitely need them later .

Stroke is unlike a broken arm, pneumonia or even cancer. You don’t heal up in a few months and return to the old normal. Your mum and dad have a new normal now and the quicker the denial ends the quicker acceptance and accommodation can start to to be used .

If you are like most of us you won’t get the answers you need from the medical profession but from the community. Therapists are experts in a fraction of the new reality. They mostly only truly see the survivor (and then without visceral understanding) not all those affected.

You have the big challenge - integrating all the needs that make up the whole until your mum and dad can start to take some of the load - if indeed they will be able to.

I know the other topic that I pointed you to is a couple of hours read but it will show you somebody’s journey As they experienced it over some weeks. There are other similar threads that you will probably need to read to get a more rounded picture But this is a good start. Not directly relevant but you might also like the 4 minutes of YouTube in the post Laughing - #14 by SimonInEdinburgh

Prepare for a long haul, and have faith
that the many folk on here who have gone befor you Have found that things to do improve, that you can’t anticipate all that you have to know, that researching everything is exhausting and unnecessary because what will be relevant cannot be predicted yet