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You’re at the beginning of a very long journey. Also a journey whose progress is normally measured in years and quarters not days and weeks. Although having said that you may not be typical. I too would appear from what the medics have said to have had Silent Strokes before eventually I was hospitalised BUT similarities with one person are pretty meaningless. Similarities with the experience of the group can rapidly add up to giving you enough context to start interpreting your specific situation.

The comments above have already told you a lot of what you need to know like watch out for the fatigue expect random changes throughout the journey etc

I’ve done a few posts replying to people in various shades of your situation and there are many many other posts on this forum from the others present here. Reading through the threads will start to give you context from which youll then be able to search for topics that relate to your questions and then you’ll be able to frame questions that are specific and the community here is very supportive and will step up and share the best of their knowledge.

Of course the brain is complex so a randomly located incident of damage to it plus a difference in personalities of people mean huge complexity in establishing cause and effect or likely outcomes and time scales. I found the medical profession won’t answer questions with any useful prediction which makes this forum un-usually value ful because what we lack in book learning we more than make up for with lived experience and relating it in everyday language

Two of the recent similar posts I’ve done are:


I’m also a “Here for you” volunteer that @AshleyTH & @Loshy mentioned. Here for you covers two services: Live experience and Connect and chat. I’m not convinced there’s actually a difference but I suggest that lived experience is probably what you’re after and I suggest that 8 weeks of 30 minute calls is useful in combination with 30 minutes of reading my stroke guide a day.

There are hundreds of support groups throughout the country and the world and are listed lots in another post that is here

As well as the stroke association support line and in my opinion somewhat confusing website that’s also cool nice my stroke guide put is different from this my stroke guide which is the forum there is different strokes who have a helpline website and a Facebook group with lots of compassionate stroke warriors within it You also find communities on Instagram Reddit etc

Also bear in mind that while a stroke hits one person’s brain it affects everybody that they’re in a relationship with and those people need support too because their world is just being turned upside down to greater or lesser degrees. It’s quite possible that has you’re potentially a different person now they’ll have to adjust and you may have care needs that will become clearer over the time scales mentioned in the two posts up above .

This is a place where people understand, you can rant, cry, celebrate, or release any of the other emotions so they’re not pent up inside

Once again welcome, and take it easy,

Ps you might find the point here useful for others in your circle