Accommodation dilemma

My brother (50yrs old) had a massive bleed on his brain due to a stroke 6 months ago. He has been left with a complete right sided paralysis so is wheelchair dependent, no speech, incontinent, unable to do anything for himself. He is officially classed as incapacitated so I have applied for guardianship. However, the hospital are now saying that he is now ready for discharge as he is not improving. His house was assessed but it is deemed unsuitable as he would need to live in one room, no access to toilet or shower so would have a commode next to his hospital bed. I don't think this is appropriate for him. So he really needs an adapted bungalow with the maximum care package of 2 carers 4 times per day 7 days per week. They would only visit for 30mins though. However, his girlfriend and her daughter (21yrs) lives with him. His girlfriend has MS and a few other health issues so she isn't able to provide any care at all. I also think it's a huge responsibility for a 21yr old to take on that role as the hospital said that he will never be allowed to be on his own. He needs 2 carers for all transfers too. If I allow him to go home, realistically will his needs be met? Would his needs be met better in supported housing or as a last resort, a care home? 

Blingbling- I am not an expert, but it looks like you need an expert.  There must be someone in social services that specializes in what to do in these situations.  I would start by finding someone that can help you find the best solution. Perhaps the hospital can refer an agency.   Stroke survivors can improve, so what he needs now may not be permanent.   You say he was in the hospital 6 months.  Did he have daily physical therapy?  electric nerve stimulation?  I am 2 1/2 years out from my stroke and I am still improving.  I was totally paralyzed on the left side, but could talk and wasn't inconinent so my stroke was not as severe as his.  I'm sure you will find a solution with some help.  You and your family will be in my prayers tonight.  Love, Jeanne

This is an older post but I wanted to reply to say that in 2022 it is similar.
My brother had a stroke after kidney cancer op and when on chemo.
After 4 months in hospital stroke rehab, they basically discharged him to self fund his life.
We were ‘lucky’ that a good social worker found a local care home that was part independent living. In reality he pays 1350 a week to stay in a room and have attendance available any time. Total left side immobility and some incontinence is his battle. He has most speech and memories (not all) but is not a reader and so TV is his daily routine.

My point is that it’s sad the NHS and post care only goes so far. You really are on your own from that point, at great personal expense, until you are broke and then the system picks you up again. What a roller coaster.

Still, that is what savings are for - to make you comfortable for some time.

I hope your arrangements worked out and your made some recovery as well.

Surviving is the right term.