Hi eveyone im Chrissy a 75 year old mum.gran and grea t gran. in 1996 a suffered a major stroke taking my left sde, at hat tme there was not much in the way of rehabilitation so i was sent hme with a wheel chair(which i refue to use)I struggled on wih the help of my famly. I eventualy reched a sstagw where with the aide of a walking stick i was living a fairly ormal life.
i suffered a couple of very minor strokes over the years but was ok. In 2021 i startd bleedinng(lke a period) but my periods had endd in 1996 s knew something was wrong. i went to the doctors who quicly reffered me to a consultant and on the July of 2021 i was diagnosed with stage three cervical cancer.I wass devastated frighttened and didnt know whre toturn.
the consultant fast tracked me forradotheray and afer 50 sessions of radiotherapy i was told by my consultant that i was in remission. there was los of other tings happened but i wont bore you all with it. because of radiothrapy i am having difficullty getting walking again. So any advice from anyone wil be very much appreciated. Chrissy

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Hello @Nannychrissy
Welcome to the forum and the community here. I’m sure the others will be along soon to add a welcome.
Between them they have a lot of empathy and experience and suggestions to offer :slight_smile:

Good to hear your cancer is in remission :slight_smile:

We have been having a somewhat similar conversation around the topic of getting walking with suggestions for another member of our community.

If you tap the blue text you’ll be able to read that thread about exercises that are in the video section of the menu on the left hand side of your screen and a whole lot more suggestions.
( if you’re on a mobile :iphone: you’ll need to open the menu using the ≡ three bars at the top right hand corner of the screen to find the videos after you’ve read the thread)

Feel free to ask other questions :slight_smile: You might also search using the magnifying glass above for other posts about getting walking


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Hi @Nannychrissy and welcome to the forum. You have definitely had your share of troubles but am pleased to hear your cancer is in remission.

You could try marching exercises either seated or standing (holding on to something), ans some sit to stands which will help build strength in your legs.

In addition to what Simon has posted above you could try asking your GP to refer you to a physio.

I wish you all the best & hope you make progress with your walking.


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