920 steps

My phone tells me I did Just over a mile today although Lea’s says we did twice as many steps as mine does .

For today’s avoid the rain, don’t turn on the heating, get out of the house, get some steps in where all the surfaces are smooth and level, get free tasters ( today’s were orange chocolate sweets, christmas ginger biscuits and non-alcoholic mulled wine)…

We went to IKEA.
Swedish meatballs, butternut squash soup & coffee cost us a tenner!! and then we joined the free program that gives us free coffee - we’re thinking of going back on Friday for fish and chips for three and a half quid each!

I think it might be a false economy though because Lea planned about £20,000 kitchen while we were wondering through that section - A complete pipe dream!!

We had a good laugh with

Found some polar bears so here are pictures :framed_picture: for Kieran @KGB

And I had a nice distraction taking pictures of things that I thought made interesting compositions, or were just daft or…

The technique of not getting a trolley so everything we were too tempted by had to be carried by hand - with only three between us -was working fine until Lea was too tempted by a rainbow carrier bag :frowning: