9 months post stroke weakness

Good morning

I hope you all had a nice Christmas, so I’m 9 months post stroke and over the past couple of days I’ve noticed my left had(which is my stroke side) become a lot weaker than normal. I don’t know if this is normal or not or it’s a mixture of being run down and having this horrible cough and cold everyone has had, I’ve also had a few days off work and it was so busy the lead up until Christmas that my body has realised and catching up and I still have quite low blood pressure for me.

Katie x

Hello Lorraine,

Thank you for your reply. I did have a good Christmas thank you I hope you did too. I was just going to keep an eye on it see if it improves after my cold has gone, it could just be I notice it more as I’m not working if that makes sense. Also Mother Nature is upon me which is awful on its own now so I’m guessing it could be just a mixture of all of it I just wondered if it was normal.

Katie x

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Katie Lou, any additional illness will affect your recovery, but 9 months, from experience, is early days. It took a good two years for my left hand to behave reasonably and, after 7 years, it still lacks sensitivity. I’m sure things will improve.

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@Katielou1884 hope you had a good Christmas.

If you’re feeling under the weather it can “worsen” the symptoms on your affected side. As can over doing things a bit. Christmas is such a busy time that could have impacted too. Illness can affect your BP. Keep an eye on it & see your GP if it doesn’t return to normal for you.

Hopefully it’ll improve as you get better.

Best wishes,

Ann xxx

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KatieLous1884- I have noticed that when I overdo or am tired or sick, the parts of my body which were affected by the stroke “act up” again a little. I think my brain is tired from other factors and doesn’t put its energies into working with the affected parts. :slightly_smiling_face:Jeanne


Thankyou for your reply, yes a few people I speak to say 9 months is still early days, I think everyday is a learning curve for me as well as everyone else. It just always comes as a shock as I never expect it :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Mrs5K hello I did thank you I hope you did too. I think I’ll just see how I am over the next few days, when im going stuff I don’t notice it it’s when im not doing anything if that makes sense. I have had low blood pressure for a few months (it was high bp that was one of the contributing factors to my stroke) so I maybe notice it a bit who knows. It was a bit better today 80/57 but still low for me x

@axnr911 thank you for your reply, I do think it’s due to being a bit run down, not well etc I will see how I go over the next few days I think if it doesn’t change then see someone. X

That is a very low BP. I assume you are on BP meds from your previous high blood pressure. Looks like your meds might need adjusting.

I’m suspect your affected side will settle in time.

Best wishes.

Ann xx

Yes I take meds for the previous high blood pressure, I suggested they changed them but it’s better to have a low bp than a really high one so I’m told which it probably is but sometimes you feel like your speaking to a brick wall. I think we know our bodies better than anyone and only we know how we feel don’t we. I suspect my stroke side will sort itself out too xx

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It could be stroke fatguie you might just need to rest with kind regards des

Hello Loraine sorry for the delayed reply, hopefully they will sort my bp out I’ve had to have a blood test and I’m at the doctors Wednesday to have blood pressure done as part of my medication review. My arm still feels weaker than normal and heavy if that makes any sense. My head has felt a bit heavy today too, my cold has virtually gone still got a horrible cough though. My anxiety had died down but I’ve just spent most of today thinking what if it’s a sign I guess that feeling probably never goes away just eases. My speech is fine it’s just my arm. Happy new year by the way x