5 months on

Although I'm back at work 4 days a week I'm still very fatigued and struggling but my face/head feels worse than ever, the whole left side is tight and numb and come the evenings this burning/ tingling feeling. Does anyone else have this ? I just wanna feel normal !!

Sue, I am four years post stroke and still have problems with my weak left side. I have a tight feeling round the weak arm and shoulder, tingling round the left eye and my left hand is far less sensitive than my right. I exercise my arm and shoulder every day, but have learned to live with all these problems. No consolation, I know, but you are not alone.

Thats very fast to get back to work. I note that about 9 months is the stage when many of us get back to employment.

I think a stroke might "burn" the nerve endings. Not sure about this. I had ignored the pains etc until my yoga teacher got me to do a few simple exercises, just once, and that seemed to clear some of the problem. We really need so much medical based help and its just not available to us.

My fatigue slowly improved and I never noticed the improvements as they were so slow. But by keeping a diary I now look back and see a steady improvement.

Perhaps you could make a note of exactly how the tightness and numbness feels and, over a couple of weeks, how or if it improves. I would also monitor your pulse and if that is erratic or low then you must present to your GP with your exact notes.

Normal will be with you in time. It wont be the normal of prestroke. It will be a new normal. 

Be positive. Smile endlessly.

best wishes


Is it feasible to be a 77 yr.old career for my husband

Thanks Colin, I went back to work on a phased return after 3 months as I was going stir crazy at home, it has improved my balance so much and I am more confident getting around. I will try to make notes on how I am getting on,Thankyou for taking time to reply it means so much to me that someone understands  how I'm feeling, as most people really don't know how we feel.

i hope you continue to recover well, best wishes, Sue.


Thankyou John jeff it's just so good that someone understands,cause most people look at me and say you look ok but don't know how I feel. Best wishes. sue.

My step-father was a carer for my mother when they were both in their 70's. It was very challenging for him and she had to stay in a home for a number of months - she developed dementia after her stroke, sadly.  

Thats good Sue, well done. 

Only another SS understands how we might feel. I have found other peoples reactions, including many that I would have said were friends,to be atrocious. So I agree with what you said 100%.

I think humans are hard wired to reject any illness that lasts more than about six weeks.

Keep smiling (it does work !)

Be positive

Best wishes


Yes it may well be feasible. Depends on how disabled husband is. I pretty much cared for myself and having wife around made it easier. But I was mobile.

A lot of the recovery is down to me and no one else can dp my recovery. Support is good, but no one can make me better, its all down to me.

In my opinion, before even having him home, he must be able to transfer unaided.