3 years post stroke

Hi 3 years post poci stroke and I’m still getting chronic fatigue I’m very jumpy at noises my memory is shocking I struggle with taking a phone call or talking to someone as I forget even talking in a group I can’t follow the conversation and my anxiety is worse than ever does it ever get manageable
Thank you


I’m 3 and 3/4 years past and I sympathise, the jumping at noises and other things drives me nuts jump out of my skin for no reason :frowning:

Some don’t get hit by the things you describe others develop them and for others they come at the beginning and then they receed

There may be some management strategies that can help you.

For example I use my phone for a number of of memory related challenges, many folk have found keeping a diary so that they can look for links between fatigue and their food & activity & sleep & which recovery strategies work best with what fatigue triggers… is a useful process.

Anxiety is another one that is very prevalent and you probably have to tell us more so that we can share strategies but anxiety can be dealt with by mindfulness techniques and there are lots of threads on the topic of mindfulness within the communities contribution to posts on this forum- you’ll be able to find them using the magnifying glass above


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I’m the same with fatigue & noises & i’m 2 1/2 years post stroke. As per Simon’s response I use reminders on my phone for tasks or anything i need to remember and sometimes i write it down too. Fatigue is about learning to manage it but that’s not always as easy as it sounds. For eaxmple i had 2 hospital appointments last week and am now on fatigue day 5. I do though try & spread out any activity which involves leaving the house so I can minimise the fatigue affect.

Things like mindfulness may help with anxiety as may distraction techniques…doing something you enjoy to try & take your mind off what’s worrying you.

Best wishes


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Hey thankyou , I have been doing a journal since the stroke I’ve had lots of councelling but it hadn’t really helped me much I also suffer from PTSD and OCD some days I don’t even leave the house for fear of having another stroke my mind is all over the place, I’m just struggling with it all to be honest