25, Struggling

Hi everyone, as stated I’m 25.

i had a stroke three weeks ago. I’m still coming to terms with the fact it even happened.

I was fit and healthy beforehand and all my tests (other than some extensive bloods which aren’t due for 6 weeks) have come back clear.

I am struggling with anxiety and panic attacks mostly about the pre met of another stroke occurring.. I am afraid to be alone and the unknown is scaring me .. I wish I had something to blame it on.

i feel let down by the ambulance service who still didn’t get to me after waiting just over an hour - my husband eventually drove me to a and e.

it has left me worrying even more about having another stroke.

does this feeling ever go away?


I think what you're feeling is pretty normal. The ambulance my husband called couldn't find the house even though he was standing in the middle of the road waving at them! Although I don't remember anything about the day as I was unconscious when my husband found me after being in the house for 9hrs. It's been 14 weeks since my subarachnoid hemorrhage and every time I got a sore head I wondered if it was happening again.I'm starting to feel more like me again apart from the fact that I have to walk anywhere I want to go as not allowed to drive just now and really hoping that I will be able to by next year as I love my job but it's rural and not on a bus route. I hope you start to feel more confident soon , it is a scary thing to go through but you are young and hopefully have a full recovery. Best wishes Katy x

Hi and welcome! Did they scan your brain when you had your stroke as this should reveal whether it was a bleed or a blood clot? Either way, I'm guessing you were put on medication by the hospital to prevent another stroke happening..?  Although I'm older than you, I was also fit and healthy when I had my stroke, non-smoker, non-drinker, normal weight and went to the gym 3 times a week.  The fear stayed with me for around 3 months post stroke. I keep telling myself that I'm on medication to prevent another and I keep a daily check on my blood pressure and monitor this for my GP. 

If you have a chat to your GP about what caused it - not so much to blame it on as you can't turn back time but it will help you to focus on the recovery better if you have a reason.  Anger, fear, why me? are all classic shock symptoms which follow a stroke and we have all been there. Not only has your body had a shock because of the suddenness by which strokes strike but your mind has too and it does take some adjusting to.  You are young and have your whole life ahead of you so the more information you can get from your hospital/gp the better you can prepare for recovery.  Take care x 

Dear Abbyk

Exactly what OnwardsandUpwards has suggested.

Nearly all of us have an irrational fear for several weeks after the stroke. Its probably our brains simply telling us that it really does not want another attack. This fear and plenty of other after stroke nasties will slowly go away. You might need counselling to help you. It is all slow slow slow. 

I have read this forum for three years and I note that most of us are fit and healthy. You have survived a stroke, maybe you would not have survived if you had not been fit. Do view that you have been chosen to survive. You are special.

I soon accepted that it was an unlikely chance of a clot landing in my brain. So I then started to live my new life without letting that odd event ruin everything. You should have a written diagnosis, which I suggest you keep safe and to hand. That will settle what happened. The diagnosis will say what has happened and what you are left with. If you dont have the written diagnosis then ask the staff at your GP surgery to provide a copy. I needed that written diagnosis several times during my recovery.

I live in a country village many miles from a hospital. Yet the paramedics got to me in two minutes. The ambulance was here in five minutes. How they did that I dont know, but they were greased lightning and I was in the dedicated resus area very fast indeed.

And age is not respected by strokes. The little lass next to me in the stroke resus area was just six years old. 

Do ask anything on this site. Many of us are here cheering you on and happy to share experiences. 

Be positive, Smile a lot. You are not alone


Hi Abby - I do know the feeling.  I may be older than you but I was fit and healthy and it was such a shock to me and lots of people I know.  However like you I did worry about it happening again and still do as it is only 8 weeks since I had mine.  However it seems from responses I have had on here that is very common and lessens as time goes on.  Really sorry to hear your ambulance service let you down as that is just adding to your worries.   I hope you have details from the hospital about the diagnosis of what happened?  When I was discharged they gave me details and also sent a copy to my GP, that also listed details of the medication I need to take which was helpful.  Try to stay positive, I discovered when I came on here that I am not alone,  people are really helpful.  

Hi, I’m 29 and had my stroke just under 5 months ago 2 weeks after having my second daughter by csection.. I had the same feelings as you! It does improve I promise (at first I hated people saying it because I couldn’t see it ever getting better) I found it hard to find women around my age with young children going through the same. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to fight through, being a mum, and dealing with my stroke! If you want a chat or support, anything I’m here! Inbox me if you like xx

Hi, iv just recived your message. God you are so young. Im glad to hear your doing better. Thank you for your kind words and i would love to stay in touch. Im all so hear if you need to chat. I have been feeling a bit better since talking. Thank you.

Hi, iv just read your messag and im so sorry to hear about how you are feeling. I was only 35 when i had my stroke a year and a half ago and like you iv had times when im scared too. You just have to try and stay posative ( belive me i no its not easy) im at a stage were im more angry than anything but talking to the people on here who have all been lovely has helped. Im always here if you want to talk because it isnt easy. 

I’m on clopidogrel and statins - I have no reason why it happened, waiting for a bubble echo and some more uncommon blood tests

I was thrombolised instantly and ba s a repeat ct scan after 24 hours which showed the stroke on my brain but no obvious bleeds or clots

Hello Abbykursitis,

You were certainly very young to have a stroke at 25.

The good news, of course, is that your young age is on your side when it comes to recovery and making the most of life after nearly losing it.

The stroke will cause psychological effects such as depression, emotional issues and anxiety. Added to that is the Post Traumatic Stress caused by having had an enormous challenge thrown at you without warning.

Over time, all of these will slowly subside. I cannot promise you will ever fully return to the person you were before the stroke but you will get close to it. Nine years after my massive stroke, my life feels very similiar to the one I had prior to my stroke. 

 Learn to focus on what you have in your life and you'll see you have been a very lucky person to have survived and still have many, many good years ahead 

Take care now,


Hi. I was 46 and initially they thought it was an ear infection. Fortunately one dr sensed it was a stroke and gave me aspirin. A year on and the anxiety/panic does reduce. Try to live for each day. You are young and will make a good recovery. Jx