1 year on, what helped and what still hurts

Hi all
I had my tia/Stoke just before Christmas and since then I have been reading the forum for encouragement and wanted to thank all of the people who have shared there experiences.

My left brain was affected and mobility temporarily on my right side arm and leg.

The good news is that I i look like iv recovered despite still being in pain and suffering from the typical pins and needles, fatigue and sensitively issues still on my right side.
The fear of the next stroke still haunts daily

Realising that it’s a brain injury that can slowly heal, I stopped smoking and started a mixture of alternative healing techniques.

Daily sauna/ swimmig/ walking in the pool and weekly acupuncture have taken the edge off the depression and are a great distraction from the discomfort.
Eating right, cutting out sugar, chocolate and other poison has also been essential.

There are some local and national charity providing support in lots of different areas that have groups for support and understanding.

Still on blood thinners and anti cholesterol and noratriptalin anti depressant but as others have said in other posts it’s trail and error finding what works for me and your self

Thanks so much again to all you people who post for sharing your stories
You are a great asset to the rest of us x


@Microjack welcome But sorry you had a stroke. It was a similar time to mine.
Interesting that you say you look like you’ve recovered but still suffer pains etc. It seems its often the things that can’t be seen that plague us stroke survivors when we look like we’ve done ok.
Great that you’ve found ways to keep depression at bay.
Thank you for sharing your story.
Best wishes.

Welcome Jack. Glad you are recovering well.

hi Jack
welcome to the forum, each day can bring new challenges and achievements. In time it does get better

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Shwmae @Microjack, sounds like you’ve got a good recovery programme underway. I hope it is giving you some renewed energy, sometimes these adjustments in life can be just the ticket to kick off the next chapter of our lives with a refreshed outlook on life, despite the circumstances of how we arrived at that point.

Welcome to the group happy that your recovery is going well with kind regards des